Hive Workshops is a new studio in Kansas City where creative professionals participate in workshops to improve varying aspects of their businesses. When the creator of the Hive, Melissa Slater came to me, she was equipped with her 'bee' icon, a dream of a clean aesthetic for the Hive's identity, and a simple gateway to sign up for workshops.


Logo Concepts

The final logo is a somewhat of a combination of these two concepts, including the mint green and clean type.



Since the website is the online hub for Hive Workshops, we really wanted to play up the honeycomb. The modern theme continues with a bright white setting enhanced by the mint and shiny gold tones.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 12.40.06 PM.png

One of my favorite elements on the website is metallic icons at the bottom of each page. They're a great way to highlight what the Hive has to offer.