Logo With Icon

The inspiration: Tim of Outsides knew only that he wanted the "D" to read as a triangle and the typeface needed to be clean. 

After much discussion, and considering their large electronic sound, we decided we wanted something that would connote space and geometry. To explore that concept I started formulating shapes until suddenly they started to resemble a satellite floating in space. 


Album and T-Shirt Artwork




For the website, I was able to photograph the band playing live and use one of our favorite images as the background. 

Limited Edition Album Artwork

Hand stamped CD artwork

I custom designed a rubber stamp for the cover, and used a small address-label stamp to create the tracklist for Outsides' limited release version of their debut EP 'Million'. After printing the CD's through an independent company, I added a metallic sheen by hand to pull the elements together and to push it further into outer space.

Posters & Promotional Materials